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When self-publishing, one of the many decisions that you will have to decide is what book you will get printed and where you will get your book printing. Book printing services range from paperback book printing to hardback book printing and have many different options for you to choose from.

You will need to focus on a good design for your book before you focus on a book printer as the book printer will print directly from a PDF file that you give them. If the PDF file is not press-ready for printing then they will just print it straight away.

Choosing a local book printing company will pay dividends. It will allow you to go and see your book in production and it will allow you to speak to them directly about any special options you will want for your book.

If you choose to have your book printed in Exeter then you will meet one of the best digital printing companies in the UK, Imprint Digital. They have a range of special digital printing services which is what a self-publishing author will need for their book.

They offer short-run digital book printing options for a range of book sizes and papers and they are a very popular option for self-publishing individuals looking to print their books.

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