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In many websites of associations and groups, it is more than interesting to include a calendar of events that can be publicly displayed on the website. There are many applications for WordPress event calendar that we can find online. Each one serves different needs, from the basic calendar that we all know, to an agenda specifically for events of different types. The power of your WordPress website joins with the plugin to create a calendar with all the functions for each user.

Cooperating with other users has never been so simple. The plugin creates a private page for each event, being a standard WordPress page, but it is visible only by you and the invited users. The plugin comes with a smart invitation system, which allows you to track the users invited to the events. Just add one or more guests and a notification will inform you when a guest has responded to your invitation. Each user can receive a reminder of the event. An email will be sent one or more hours before the start of this.

You only have to activate the function and the configuration of the synchronization notice. The plugin takes care of and continuously check if you have events in the WordPress calendar and to inform and send the details. For the event reminder to work properly you need an easy scheduled job that will be created with the specific settings. To make the configuration work easier for everyone, the documentation comes with detailed videos explaining each step necessary for the installation and use of calendar visits.

Each user has their own configuration and can choose whether to allow email. The WordPress calendar plugin creates an elegant list of your WordPress events and can easily be shared with the rest of the world. This calendar system combines a clean visual design with a powerful feature set to create the most advanced event calendar system available for WordPress. The plugin supports the calendars of individual events within WordPress multisite. In these calendars you can place different events and use them to inform your visitors. For more information, visit this page.

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