Best Healthcare Podcasts



Being a doctor comes with so many advantages and disadvantages since you not only get to save lives but also run out of free time. Despite the limited free time, doctors need to be aware of all the new things which are happening in the medical industry. This is important as it helps them get useful knowledge which is needed to make their services even better. Fortunately, doctors or aspiring doctors have a reason to put a smile on their face since they can now stay up to date with the latest information using medical podcasts. However, you will need a site or platform that offers the best podcasts for doctors and healthcare providers. Here are some of the best podcasts for doctors to listen.

•          The Future of Healthcare

The Future of Healthcare podcast is a health tech podcast which is hosted by Nathan Dollinger.  Through this podcast, you can learn more about the industry landscape starting from technology to every policy put in place.

•          The New England Journal of Medicine

This medical journal is published weekly and contains two medical podcasts thus keeping you up to date. If you do not like reading then this journal will help the course since it will take 30 minutes of your precious time.

•          The Dentalpreneur podcast

Dentalpreneur podcast mainly deals with how dentists can become more profitable and at the same time fulfilling their dental career dreams. This medical podcast is hosted by Dr. Mark Costes, a practising dentist.

Medical podcasts are a good way of keeping yourself up to date with the current trends in medical industry. You should therefore make sure that you listen to a health tech podcast on a regular basis if you are to become highly experienced in your field. Remember, technology keeps on changing and thus you must keep pace with it.

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