Boeing 737 MAX Fatal Accidents



From Australia to the US, a host of countries and airlines across the world have decided to ground the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. This is after one of the planes was involved in a deadly crash in Ethiopia on 10th March 2019. All 157 people on board the Ethiopian Airlines run Boeing 737 MAX died in the crash. It only took six minutes after taking off from the capital Addis Ababa, before the US-manufactured plane came down.

Boeing 737

This is the second fatal accident involving Boeing 737 MAX 8 model within a span of six months. Initially, a Lion Air plane crashed in Indonesia in October, leading to the loss of 189 lives. The fatal incident prompted intense scrutiny over the control systems of 737 MAX 8 models. Despite this, Boeing continues to defend its aircraft placing full confidence in their models. However, they have called for the temporary grounding of their entire global fleet of the 737 MAX model.

Many countries have responded by grounding the Boeing models whenever they land. Countries such as India, Nigeria, United Kingdom, Ethiopia, and China just to mention but a few are the latest nations to ground Boeing 737 MAX 8 models. This is a step in the right direction considering the high number of deaths. Grounding of the planes will be a big loss for the manufactures since it is the fastest-selling plane in Boeing history.

Boeing 737

Boeing 737 MAX 8 is a new model, with the first delivery taking place in 2017. However, with the two fatal incidents, it looks like many airlines will shun away from the aircraft. Before this is done, it is important that nations also consider what causes these accidents. This is because the new craft is not the only one to have been involved in an accident. Other models have also caused accidents leading to the death of loved ones.

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