Bridging the Gap between Marketers and Consumers



There is no denying that social media has really changed the way people communicate, shop and experience the world. However, it is not quite clear what customers want whenever they are doing online shopping. This is regardless of whether they are using social media or other digital channels to discover products. It is for this reason that a survey was conducted to determine the things that consumers consider before purchasing their products.

Even before the research was conducted, it was highly evident that consumers consider the authenticity of a product before purchasing it. It is therefore not surprising to find authentic products fetching a huge price in the market. Unfortunately, marketers do not seem to agree with this. Most marketers think that brand-created content is the main driving force behind decisions made by consumers. However, this notion is not true considering the high number of people who will consider the authenticity of a product.

One reason as to why brand-created content may not be considered by consumers is the increase in fake and fraudulent news. Many people are now using social media to spread fake news in order to make money or tarnish the image of a colleague. With the rise in fake news, customers fail to determine the difference between these two. They are therefore left with the option of checking the authenticity of a product before spending money on it.

There is a big gap between customers and marketers when it comes to perception. For marketers to bridge this gap, they have to change their strategy and listen to what global reporters have to say. Furthermore, they have to put consumers at the front by doing away with expensive and time-consuming professional content. Until this is done, customers will continue focusing on the authenticity of products before spending on them. This in the end will be a huge blow to marketers.

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