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Everyone who owns a carpet knows just how quickly it gets dirty. Sometimes, it can be a subtle thing, with the color changing slowly enough you don’t even notice. Other times, someone spills dinner or just tracks mud all over the floor. Carpeting is at a major disadvantage, as all messes eventually fall to the floor, people walk over the floor, or place things on the floor. While some carpets do a remarkably good job at resisting dirt and stains, it’s still a good idea to plan for a thorough cleaning from time to time.


How Should You Handle Cleaning?


There are several ways to handle cleaning a carpet. These range from vacuuming, to steam cleaning, to various types of shampoos and pH level balancing. Each cleaning method can handle a specific kind of dirt. Vacuuming is great for dealing with loose debris and dirt. Shampoos are good for getting grime, stains, and residue up from the carpet. Steam cleaning is great when you want to just blast everything off the surface of your carpet.


Most professional services use some combination of the above, and perhaps a few more options. The most common methods include lightly vacuuming the carpet. Then, using a spray cleanser to coat the carpet and prepare it for the next step. Finally, using a hot water or steam cleaner to remove the ground dirt and cleanser. The carpet cleaning company may also complete an inspection, carpet grooming, and other services. Not every carpet is the same, after all.


When Should You Clean Your Carpets?


How often your should clean your carpets really depends on just how often they get dirty. If they see a lot of foot traffic, are in a kitchen or dining room, or there is a lot of dust in the air, the carpeting should be cleaned more often. You might also want to spring clean all your carpets once a year. A properly cleaned and maintained carpet will last longer, and remain plusher than one that is not. Make sure to clean your carpet from time-to-time, even if it might seem clean at a glance. When you do get your carpet cleaned, make sure to avoid making common mistakes.


What are the Benefits of a Carpet Cleaning Service?


The most apparent benefit is, of course, not having to do it yourself. While this may be obvious, it’s far from the most important one. Professionals have access to the tools, training, and experience, to properly and efficiently handle cleaning carpets. A good professional carpet cleaning service can clean a carpet more thoroughly than a non-professional. They are also much less likely to damage the carpet in the process. If you need more information, or would like to know when to schedule carpet cleaning services, most places would be happy to help out.


Finally, the biggest benefit of hiring a good cleaning service is the nice clean carpet you get in return. It will be just as fluffy as the day it was made.

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