Climate Change: Threat to Mankind, Animals and Plants Species



Climate change is proving difficult to contain as time goes by.  With the escalating temperatures, human beings, animals and plants are now faced with the threat of becoming extinct. This is especially the case in countries such as the Republic of Mauritius, Australia, and French Polynesia. Just recently, the Great Barrier Reef rodent was declared extinct by Australian authorities.  The small brown rat becomes the first mammal to go extinct because of human-induced climate change.

Climate Change

Many more animal and plant species are still at risk of going extinct. With changes in climate, warm areas are increasingly becoming hotter thus making it harder for different species to survive. Colder areas have also not been left behind since the impact of climate change is also visible. With time, we will have nowhere to run to considering that every country is feeling the effects of changes in climate.

Climate Change

However, human beings are the ones to blame whenever species go extinct. This because advancement in technology has led to different types of pollution. The air that we breathe is no longer safe since factories and vehicles are emitting gases daily. No wonder there is an increase in health complications such as Asthma, Bronchitis and the accelerated aging of lungs. All these complications arise from air pollution resulting from human activities.

Climate Change

Air pollution is not the only cause of climate change in the present day world. These changes seem to arise from different types of pollution such as radioactive pollution, water pollution, soil pollution to mention but a few. All these types of environmental pollution have a role to play in the degradation of climate.

It is high time that humankind put more emphasis on maintaining the environment. Despite putting in place some rules and regulations, it is still not helping when it comes to combating the changes in climate. However, by doing away with water pollution and some emissions from factories, we will reduce the rate at which climate is changing. Until this is done, all occupants of the world are at a higher risk of going extinct.

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