Combating Mass Shootings



Mass shootings account for a large fraction of gun deaths in countries around the world. Many people have lost their family members, co-workers or even friends just because someone is obsessed with guns. However, the question that we have to ask ourselves is how people manage to pull out mass shootings. This is despite the existence of numerous gun laws which must be strictly adhered to by any gun holder.

Countries with many guns have the highest number of mass shootings. The same applies to nations where there are no laws which govern the use of firearms. The reverse is also true since you will not hear a mass shooting in countries where there are strong laws that govern firearms. For this reason, governments have to examine the use of firearms before making them available to the public.

Although firearms are meant to help you in case of an emergency, some gun holders decide to use them to achieve their ill intentions. These people may even decide to hire out their weapons to criminals with the hope of earning a living. Others decide to use them to get what they want without having to follow the right channels. Countries such as the USA and Yemen are the hardest hit when it comes to mass shootings. This can however be linked to the high number of people having guns.

The only solution to curbing mass shootings is doing away with illegal firearms. Governments have to work together by dealing with any individual or organization that tries to sale illegal firearms. In addition to this, they should also make sure that licenced guns holders use them in the correct way. Until this is done, we will continue being victims of mass shootings since there are no laws that can stop this vice once and for all.

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