Developing a Faster and Efficient Communication Platform for Businesses



Global communication has improved through the years. It all began with the introduction of letters, mail, and eventually, the creation of the first telephone. However, things have changed in the 21st century and communication became instant. The innovation on the internet made it possible for people to communicate with anyone on the planet, sending messages as if they are speaking to one another that is only nearby.

The introduction of video messaging changed the playing field, and more people are now connected through the help of cameras installed in almost all devices. The improvement in the speed of the internet also made it possible for people to do video messaging, and companies have seen its potential to become the norm when it comes to speaking with their clients who are located anywhere in the world. Today, most businesses require using software programs such as Skype and FaceTime to communicate. Through these software programs, team meetings become possible even if a member of the team is on a business trip.

Workstream collaboration is expected to become one of the most revolutionary changes in the world today, and team members are expected to perform well because of this innovation in the field of business. Inside the workplace, team leaders could communicate with their members directly through face to face communication, or if they are seated far away from their supervisor and managers, team members can be contacted through email or an office communication system that works like a simple chat room. There are other types of communication platforms that they can use to communicate with one another, including software programs like Facebook Messenger.

Employees who opt to do work from home could also use several communication platforms that are being used by others working in a physical office. Often times, companies are relying on third party applications like Skype to speak with team members who are at home. With video messaging programs like Skype, a team leader could speak with their members who are away from the office, clearly stating out their goals for the week and the performance of the employee. It’s similar to speaking with the person in real life – the two would have to face each other and talk just like how any normal conversation would be. Another thing that is expected to happen with the revolutionary platforms that are being introduced for communication would be the ease of communication between clients who are located on different parts of the world.

This is true for large corporations, especially when there is an important board meeting wherein all of the major shareholders are required to attend. Instead of forfeiting their votes because they are not present inside the meeting room, these people are being notified through email about an important election, and they will be contacted through video messaging applications so that their voice will be heard as well. This is also the same scenario with governments around the world – using video messaging software programs enables world leaders to communicate with one another for important topics, without meeting physically.

The world might have perfected the art of communication, but there are still things that scientists are developing to make it more personal and feel real-life. Telecommunications company are constantly upgrading their internet services, enabling companies to use a faster internet service, which is advantageous to every business. Nowadays, 4G and 5G mobile connection is possible, especially in major cities where internet use is in-demand. Inside the workplace, fiber optics is used for a faster internet connection. Experts agree that the speed experienced in today’s world will keep on improving, thanks to the increasing demand for a faster connection.

In the field of software development, video messaging will be improved, and there are tech companies are now working to perfect the hologram technology. On the other hand, there are companies who are putting their time and effort to the improvement of the virtual reality technology, saying that the technology is easier to perfect compared to holograms because the technology needed for its further development already exists. Experts believe that in 10 to 20 years, global communication will be very different from what we are using today. Companies and businesses would need to operate differently so that they can maximize the benefits of using these new communication platforms.

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