India to Buy 24 Anti-Submarine Choppers from the US



The United States, one of the world’s super powers on Tuesday said that it had agreed to sale 24 MH-60R helicopters to the government of India. This is seen as a huge boost to their ally’s firepower when targeting submarines as China continues to expand their presence in the Indian Ocean. MH-60R helicopters also known as the Romeo are specifically designed to hunt submarines. In addition to this, they can be able to effectively knock out ships while at the same time carrying out search and rescue missions at sea.


“The planned sale will go a long way in supporting the national security and foreign policy of the US by improving the US-Indian strategic relationship” the State Department said in a statement.India is considered by the US to be one of their most defensive partners as they are constantly involved in aiding political stability, economic progress and peace in the South Asia and Indo-Pacific region.


India has been involved in an estranged relation with the United States ever since the cold war. The two nations are always working together with India considered to be one of their leading defense partner. This is in the wake of the overlapping interests between two of the world’s superpowers amid the growing China and Islamist extremism.


China has over the last couple of years made their presence felt in the Indian Ocean by growing their naval bases. One of the most notable naval base owned by the Chinese is Gwadar Port, which is developed in Pakistan, India’s historic rival. The Indian Navy has in turn responded by coming up with a doctrine aimed at guaranteeing freedom of movement in the Indian Ocean. This doctrine by Indian naval planners covers a stretch from the Strait of Hormuz to the Strait of Malacca. The 24 MH-60R will be a good addition by India as they try to strengthen their military might.

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