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Marko Stout is a name that you will occasionally come across especially if you are a fun of growth industrial pop style and modern urban life in New York City. In most cases, people are usually confined to one specific field. However, for Marko Stout, there is nothing like restrictions and limitations in his career path. His state of the art productions include work from video, print, sculptures, paintings, new media and photography. With all these production lines, he has been able to earn comparisons with Andy Warhol.

Marko Stout

Any person who has had a chance to examine the works of Marko will tell you that he makes use of the same processes used by Warhol. This is made possible by relying on photographs of models as a source of inspiration for his metal pieces. He has therefore earned the reputation of being a perfectionist in everything that he does. What makes Marko’s artistic pieces a force to reckon with in the industry is the fact that he uses digital tech in his work. Furthermore, he combines the masterpiece with aerospace grade aluminium making his trademark vibrant and modern.

Marko Stout

Close friends of Marco are surprised at how popular he has become. This is because he had a humble background unlike most celebrities. He used to live on a houseboat in San Francisco Bay, hanging out with his close friend. Actually, all they did was smoke weed and drink alcohol. However, it is his friend who introduced him to the art world since he was a retired trainer painter and art gallery owner.

Marko Stout

After learning the skills of designing fine art pieces, Marko started selling his works in galleries. Before he could know it, he had become one of the most notable names in the industry. Over the last couple of years, Marko has proven his worth by showcasing exceptional works in his galleries. His exhibitions have attracted high profile names in the industry including the Kardashians.

This iconic New York artist has an extensive following of celebrity fans from different fields. Among the artist admirers of Marko Stout is The Kardashians,  Catilyn  Jenner, adult film Stormy Daniels just to mention a few. All these celebrity artists post good information about Marko Stout and his art pieces in their social media platforms.

Marko Stout

Celebrity artists are not the only fans who are in love with Marko’s work. He seems to have a command over young enthusiastic art fans who are always present in his exhibitions. One such exhibition was recently held in Caelum Gallery.  The exhibition was like a Hollywood movie premiere as it was complete with a celebrity lined red-carpet. Among the high profile names to appear in the gallery was rapper Drake, Sarah Jessica Parker from HBOs “Sex in the City”, Sherry Vine and Trinity Taylor.

Marko’s popularity will continue growing as he produces more and more fine pieces of art. To get connected with Mario, you should follow him on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Alternatively, you can have a look at his website. Here, you will get to know more about Marko and what he brings into the industry.

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