Marko Stout: The Ultimate Celebrity Pop Artist


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One of the hottest celebrity artists at the moment is the New York based Marko Stout who many are now comparing t Andy Warhol and Jeff Kroons.  His involvement in the art world and contemporary pop lifestyle has earned him a huge reputation to the extent that Google result in search for “Marko Stout” show a close relation with Andy Warhol. Not only does he enjoy a large following among youthful art lovers but also has a huge celebrity following like The Kardashians.

Marko Stout is popularly known for his sculptures, installation and vibrant aluminium prints together with experimental avant-garde films. All these are usually exhibited in fine art galleries in the United States and throughout Europe. He enjoys a cult-like following of younger and enthusiastic people and many take him as their voice. However, his works have surpassed expectations and are now on exhibition at major galleries in Chicago, London, Berlin and other high end international art cities.

Marko is well-known for his unique contemporary pop style since he mainly focuses on New York City and modern urban life. Most of his work tend to be an exploration of urban myth and sexuality that puts a perfect twist on artistic themes thus acting as a perfect match for the modern audience. It is for this reason that he is termed as the coolest artist of 21st century and any survey conducted will reveal the same.

Many cool celebrities’ fans and collectors have been posting their opinion about Marko Stout, his work and exhibition. Most of them have had a good experience with Stout and will always visit his exhibitions. The list of celebrity fans following Marko is very long since they come from different industries like Music and Movies. Some of the most notable celebrity fans of Marko Stout include The Kardashians, Kaya Jones, Holly Madison, Vince Neil, Lexi Lawson just to list a few. All these celebrities only share good information about Marko Stout and thus making him a force to reckon with in the industry.

This pop art master has a very interesting story of how he eventually became the hottest personality at the moment. A look at his life story will tell you more about the hardship that he has gone through before making it. Actually Marko Stout started his career with the help of a friend who shared his artistic knowledge. Unfortunately, the friend passed on even before Marko had mastered the true art of this industry. He therefore decided to move and settle in New York City from where he achieved bigger things.

With all the hype surrounding Marko Stout, he is surely destined to reach even great heights. This is because he never disappoints his fan base and that is why there are a number of huge sales and awards under his name. If you have never had a chance to look at his work then this is the right moment to do it. Just follow any of his social media platforms and see how Andy Warhol is reborn in Marko Stout.

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