Mount Everest: How Global Warming is Now Exposing Dead Bodies



Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. For this reason, many mountaineers have tried their level best to reach the highest peak. Unfortunately, not all the mountaineers have made it back alive with some disappearing without leaving any trace. Ever since the first person reached the peak of Mount Everest, close to 300 mountaineers are reported dead.  From this number only a third of the bodies have been found with the rest thought to be buried in ice and snow.

Mount Everest

With global warming, ice sheets and glaciers are now melting at a fast rate revealing the bodies which were buried years ago. Nepal Mountaineering Association as of late brought down some mountaineers who died recently, with the old ones also making part of the bodies. However, dealing with dead bodies is not an easy endeavour like bringing down ropes left in higher camps.

Numerous studies seem to suggest that glaciers in the Everest just like any other part of the Himalayas are fast melting and thinning. One such location is the ponds on the Khumbu Glacier which climbers must cross before scaling the mighty peak. The Khumbu Glacier is now expanding and joining up because of hastened melting. Because of the movement of Khumbu Glacier, bodies are now being exposed from time to time.

Mount Everest

Some of the dead bodies which have been discovered on Mount Everest are now being used as landmarks by mountaineers. One such landmark is the “green bots” in honour of a climber who lost his life under an overhanging rock. Recovering and removing bodies is a very expensive undertaking. For this reason, some mountaineers like to be left on the mountains if they happen to die. However, other climbers may ask their family members to give them a decent burial in case of a misfortune. Unfortunately, not all the wishes will be realised since some climbers end up disappearing living no trace.

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