Paraguay’s Capital Hit by Floods after Experiencing Heavy Rains



Close to 20,000 families across Paraguay have been affected by severe flooding resulting from two weeks of heavy rain after the country’s Main River broke its banks as per reports from a senior official. Joaquin Roa, Paraguay’s National Emergency Minister declared an emergency in the capital as forecasters said the precipitation is expected to continue in the next coming days. The Paraguay River, splits the country into two as it runs some 1000 kilometers from North to South. It flows past Asuncion before eventually merging into Parana River in Argentina.


On Wednesday, Joaquin Roa declared a 90 day emergency in Asuncion as a result of the flooding.The hardest hit area is the Banado Sur working class neighborhood where close to 5,000 families live. A municipal official has said the people affected by floods need every type of help be it metal roofing or even wood.


The Paraguayan government had come under criticism from church leaders who had warned about the impending danger after an increase in rain. Pedro Velasco, one of the leading neighborhood priest in the affected area said they had warned emergency officials that the river was about to break its banks.  He had even asked government officials to offer trucks which would help in evacuating people from the affected areas. However, their calls fell on deaf ears with the government intervening after damage had already been caused.


As more and more rains continue to cause havoc in Paraguay, the government has already put in measures to make sure that not many people will be affected by the aftermath of these floods. Citizens are being advised to move to safer locations before things get out of hand. This action is intended to reduce the number of casualties in case more rains are to be experienced.

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