Racial Discrimination: A Threat to Our Well-Being



Racial discrimination is a social injustice that is currently affecting many people from different countries around the world.  This inhuman act is a poison that is diminishing individuals and societies by feeding anger, bitterness and violence. It is for this reason that organizations like UNESCO are now trying their level best to combat the rising cases of racism.

Discrimination in the lines of race seems to be affecting every industry. For instance, football matches have seen racism acts with players the main target. The music and acting industries have also not been excluded since people of different races do not seem to get along quite well. However, this act is only slowing the growth of these industries

The fight against racism and any other type of discrimination is a mainstay of peace and social cohesion.  With the rampant cases of racism, there was a strong urge to educate people on how to deal with this growing inhuman act. This is because education is one of the strongest bastions that is against racial discrimination.

In a world of diversity, understanding and respect seems to be the only possible path that we can follow in order to fight racism.It is for this reason that we now have the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. On this day, member states of UNESCO create awareness on the need to fight racism and why we should live in harmony. By doing so, the organization is able to look into the needs of people who have been racially segregated.

In order for the fight against racism to be fruitful, we have to consider what other people feel. By this we mean respecting the people you interact with and what they have to offer. For this to be done, we need the tools and instincts to fight and condemn racism whenever it occurs.

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