The Latest Landscaping Trends



Are you looking for a new way to spruce up your yard? Or perhaps your yard is currently a clean slate in desperate need of some highlights and natural enhancing beauty. When it comes to landscaping there are many of the old standbys that can suit a yard just fine. If landscaping just isn’t your thing you can always hire a lawn care service to assist you with your ideas. If you are into the latest trends or seeking the newest thing, there are a plethora of interesting and unique landscaping ideas out there to explore.

Create a Theme –

Themes aren’t just for decorating inside the home. Why not use a theme to inspire a creative and unique garden in the yard. There is a vast assortment of themes to choose from as mentioned on HGTV. From a tropical paradise style courtyard, or waterfall retreat to a party garden, or a romantic getaway. Coming up with a theme isn’t as difficult as it may sound. Think of a place or location that has inspired you or brought you joy in the past. Perhaps your favorite vacation spot. It’s as simple as re-creating that experience in your own yard. Your final themed garden is only limited by your imagination.

Move the Indoors Out –

If you think of your yard as an extension of your home, then it only goes to follow that you would desire the same comfort while outside that you get while inside. Creating comfortable sitting areas that mimic the same comfort of your family room will make outdoor gatherings relaxing and comforting. Place comfortable outdoor furniture strategically, and adorn with colorful cushions and matching throw pillows. These areas can also be enhanced with such extra comforts as cozy fire pits or fireplaces. Entertaining friends and family can be even more convenient when kitchen features are added. Outdoor refrigerators, ice-makers, and grills/stoves will enable you to entertain guests without having to head back in the house.

Add Water Features –

Adding a water feature to the yard will not only add to its beauty but can also act as an area of relaxation. The sound of cascading or bubbling water has a natural way of relaxing the body and mind. There are many different types and styles of water features. You can pick something such as a water fountain that will not only provide a cascading display of water but also an artistic form of sculpture. A water pond is perfect for those that desire something a little bigger. You can even add fish to these ponds with a little extra maintenance. Choose areas in the yard that the water feature can be most enjoyed in its relaxing state, and place comfortable seating nearby. These gardens are perfect to enjoy after a hard day at work.

Grow a Kitchen Garden –

In this day and age of health conscious people, the latest trend in landscaping is to create a kitchen garden. This would be a garden that would be placed strategically to the house with easy access from the kitchen. Imagine a garden filled with all of the fresh ingredients that you grew yourself. There is nothing more satisfying than preparing a dinner and clipping fresh herbs or plucking fresh vegetables from your very own yard. There are so many choices when planning a kitchen garden as well. You can plant herbs such as basil, parsley, oregano, and chives. Or plant leafy greens such as spinach, kale, and assorted leaf lettuce. And then why not top it off with some fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and radishes. These types of gardens can be grown easily in raised beds for easy harvesting. Raised beds also add some height and interest to the garden over traditional ground planting. There are also a variety of unique and interesting pots that are designed specifically for this type of growing that can be utilized to create an interesting focal point.

Creating a beautiful and useful landscape isn’t as difficult as it may seem. And these days there a variety of sources that can help you with your lawn care needs. It’s as simple as deciding what is important to you and your home, and how far you want your imagination to flow.

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