Tips For Making Your Move Back East More Affordable Than Ever


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When you get the idea of moving back to the eastern part of the country, it can make your spine shiver at first. The thought of how expensive it will be to pick up your life and move everything may be too overwhelming to even consider how much you may like living back east. To help set your mind at ease, we’re going to share with you some of our best tips for making your move back east more affordable than ever. This should help to put your mind at rest and let you enjoy the thought of living back where you wish to be.

Avoid The All-Inclusive Shipping Options

While there are many all-inclusive options when it comes to shipping your valuables, they are going to be expensive. Why shouldn’t they be as you’re paying for more services? If you’re trying to move on a budget, then you’re going to have to make some sacrifices in the easy department. We want you to go into this with the mindset of not leaving any stone unturned.

Look at the costs of hiring a professional versus doing the shipping yourself. When looking at the professional costs, see what services are available and how much they will be. You may find that it will be more doable to settle for packing and loading your own items onto a rental truck. Or, you may discover that a mix of the two may be better. For example, hiring a truck driver to drive your items but doing the packing and loading part yourself may be more cost-effective. Play around with the various prices between doing certain services yourself and having a professional do the service for you. It’s totally possible to come up with a happy medium that will allow you to get peace of mind while being able to fit within your budget restraints.

Consider Renting For A Short While

If you’re moving back east, you may have a specific town in mind. If you’ve never lived there before, it’s likely that you don’t know the ins and outs of the housing communities and neighborhoods there. Just because you live in a house now doesn’t mean you should pull the trigger and buy one where you’re going to live. Instead, you may find houses for rent in charlotte nc for a fairly decent price that fits your monthly budget. This will give you some much-needed time to get familiar with the area and eventually decide where you would like to get your home. Also, consider that you won’t have to be stuck in the time constraints of trying to find a home before you move out of your existing home. That could lead to settling for less than you really want.

Ditch The Stuff You Don’t Need

We mean this in both the physical sense and the economic sense. When you start to consider moving, it’s a good idea to look at the items that you have. Next, you’ll want to get rid of the stuff that simply isn’t worth having. Remember that you’re paying to ship everything across the country. Is it really worth shipping all of those books when you can easily get them on your Kindle? Instead, donate the items that you don’t want to keep. It may be hard at first to go through the items but really consider what’s worth paying to have moved.

Next, the economic side of things. You should look at your utility bills. Some companies may not prorate your services. To ensure that you don’t pay for a full month or quarter of usage, you should look at your billing end date. Try to coordinate them as close to your move-out day as possible. If you need to shut off some services early, then do so. You can do without cable or internet for a few days or weeks leading up to your move.

Making the move back east doesn’t have to be a financial disaster. In fact, you can do it on a budget with the proper thought given to it. We encourage you to use the tips provided for you above to start your financial planning of the moving process. Realize that it’s going to be much easier once you get things on paper than it is to sit and debate them in your mind.

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