Vietnam Students Invent an Air-Filtering Device for Bicycles



A group of young and enthusiastic students on Vietnam have overcome all odds to invent an air filtering device for use in bicycles. The three students from Thang Long Gifted High School, Da Lat City spent close to six months experimenting the device before they finally came up with a unique final design.

The air filtering device that can be installed on the handlebar of a bicycle contains a battery and an air filter. The filter relies on an activated carbon fabric and three layers of cotton to capture the dust. In addition to this, the filter is also linked to small fans which have been installed on the two sides of a bicycle’s front wheel. They are then effectively connected to the dynamo of a bicycle thus enhancing performance.

Air-Filtering Device

Tests results conducted on the air filtering device by the local environmental authorities show that it has the capabilities of filtering up to 63%, of Nitrogen Oxide and 86% of dust. The three students who finished runners up in this year’s high school national technical and scientific competition ate determined to carry out improvements on the device. The student trio are hoping to manufacture an electric bike which can protect human kind and the environment.

Despite not being a new idea, the air filtering device is expected to offer numerous health benefits to owners. Daan Roosegaarde, a Dutch artist is also working on a snog-free bicycle. This device has the capabilities of inhaling polluted air, cleaning the air by relying on positive ionization and purifying the air back in form of a cloud surrounding the cyclist.

Mr. Roosegaarde design will be deployed in large scale in the near future once everything is in place. These devices have come as good news since people can now be able to inhale purified air. However, it is important to offer financial assistance to innovators if we are to have a better life.

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