WhatsApp New Feature: Deciding the Groups that You Wish to Join



WhatsApp users in India can now get the chance to decide whether they want to get added to a given group on the world’s instant messaging platform. This move comes at the right time as India gears for the general elections with social media platforms expected to play an important role during the campaign period. WhatsApp groups at the moment continue to helps users connect with their colleagues, friends, family members and many more


To make this a success, WhatsApp has added a new privacy setting from where users can decide the people who can add them to a group using the invite system.Announcing the new feature, WhatsApp sent out a media release which concluded with the statement “Today, we are introducing a new privacy setting and invite system to help you decide who can add you to groups”. Initially, WhatsApp users could add other people to different groups without necessarily having to ask for their consent. This at times proved to be stressful and irritating since some people may add you to a WhatsApp group which adds no value to your life.


All WhatsApp users who want to activate the feature can do it easily by opening the settings option before selecting any of the three options available I.e.Nobody, My Contacts or Everyone. If you decide to choose “nobody”, users must first approve before joining any WhatsApp group that they may have been invited. Users who select “my contacts” option can only join groups by people who are in their contact list.


Any person who wants to invite you in a group is prompted to send a private invite using an individual chat. You will then be given three days to either accept or decline the invite before it finally expires.Whatsapp has announced officially that the new privacy feature will be available worldwide in the next few weeks.These new features have come at the right time when election campaigns in India are gaining momentum.  With the new features, you will have total control over the groups that you want to join. You can thus shun away from political groups that you have no interest in

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